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Active Shareholder

Active Shareholder is a not for profit company that helps socially responsible shareholders to exercise their company rights. That means voting the shares at the general meetings of listed companies. In this way, shareholders can express their views about the issues that concern them, whether it be corporate governance, executive remuneration, impact on the environment, or other matters.


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How do I become Active?

Who may participate in Active?

We welcome any individual or organisation which holds a portfolio of listed shares, and wishes to vote those shares according to socially responsible guidelines.

How do I become Active?

There are two ways:


Grant Active Shareholder a proxy for your votes at general meetings of the companies in your portfolio. Active Shareholder will vote these shares either according to our general guidelines or a bespoke set of guidelines proposed by yourself.


You may subscribe for access to Active Shareholder’s voting intentions and motivations, and then yourself vote the shares accordingly.

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